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dragonflies flocking near Hino River gravel mill running near Hino River mid-day afternoon light on November 2 near Sabae city limit map of kofun tumulus tombs from 400-500s CE Big straight road runs east-west in disregard for history Mt. Funaoka afternoon of November 2 Mt. Funaoka at dusk of November 2, shrine on top many generations remembered in the river of history southeast of Sabae city center,  new construction Kamo Jinja, Shinto shrine at Nakashinjo Kamo shrine, 2017 Nov. 2 at Naka-shinjo near Sabae-city rockface with water dripping to the pools below base of the Awatabe mountain hike, mossy rock ridgetop near Awatabe near Gyoji-ga-dake peak afternoon susuki grasses of the Aratani valley moving air, base of the Aratani trail up Mt. Hino ridge line on Mt. Atago, graves 1500-1600 years old Mt. Atago November 3, morning light on Kofun tomb triangular strip of roadside land for vegetables and flowers dusk on November 2 at Ryusen-ji, Feudal Lord's grave barber pole on Nov. 2, Fukakusa neighborhood at 5 pm Funaoka shrine on November 2, steps to worship area Ibe shrine torii seen from the south; leaves changing color interpretive sign at foot of Ibe Shrine the next generation climbs the shrine steps Ibe shrine (double) torii at south side of the hill panorama grave mounds of the 600s; Nov 3 atop Mt. Atago (kofun) panorama on Nov 3, Ibe-jinja old boulders; young family Sabae city - rice paddy preparation, tractor cleaning morning light, south face of Mt. Atago on Nov. 3
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