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crossing light, afternoon Zenkoji-dori small votive statues above Okafuto shrine toppled trees at shrine for Mt. Chusenji in Imadate Prepared trail up to Gyoji-gadake at Imadate working among cabbages, smoke beyond the greenhouse long shadows at 4:10 p.m. as chaff is burned, smoke drifts panorama on November 5, Awatabe-festa (Imadate area) persimmon picker on Nov. 5 on the old Hokuriku road persimmons drying in the mild sun of November 5 bio-sketch of Mr. Yamada in stainless steel Mr. Yamada Sennosuke, local entrepreneur of textile spinning posted sign describes medieval mountaintop fort here blanketed by leaves up the moutainside wide end of the Aratani valley Shop for ready-made & custom hanko (personal seal) spot of afternoon color, Heiwa-cho window light in 3 colors the road up from the Japan Sea at Kuriya Japan Sea sunset at Kuriya gravestone eras, Mt. Hino climb of November 7, Kayadani hiking up Mt. Hino via the Kayadani route; morning guide map to the top of Mt. Hino via the Kayadani route slender thread of living tradition and life itself; shime nawa panorama 2017 Nov. 7 morning hike Awatabe's Okafuto shrine, mid-afternoon sun wide end of the Aratani valley the approach to Aratani jinja afternoon light at Aratani shrine dragonflies above the shadows trail and bench overlooking part of Imadate, below
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