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Nearing JR Fukui, northbound on 2017-11-15 at noon 2017 Nov. 12_1657 dusk panorama 270 degrees damage, 2017 Oct. 30, recent typhoon-toppling of trees dusk backyard 2017 Nov. 12 Buddhist temple starter course at Kato's restaurant lane on November 8 near Echizen City Hall nine flags in view, construction on November 8 at city hall demolition 2017 Nov 7 former cake and ice-cream store streetside temple gate mid-afternoon temple bell mid-afternoon November the 5 pm commuters Zenkoji-dori, early November the 5 pm rooftops north to south window shade late afternoon breeze fall colors on Mt. Murkuni, early Nov red berries near Wakamatsu-machi in Takefu 2017 Nov. 12 at 5 pm, commuters going home functional design with business below, living space above parked bikes on November 12 at the convenience store white soba at Musashi (between Takefu & Sabae) Nov 10 team of 2 demolition machines breaks down the building sunset 2017 Nov. 10, Japan Sea: Wakasa Bay, Tango peninsula Sousa's march, sunset 2017 Nov. 10 Japan Sea, Route 4 traditional samurai gravestone in 5 elemental tiers temple bell November 13, three generations after the war Lesser Pandas bred for other locations around Japan along the prayer road on November 10 (inori-no-michi) night photo of demolition machines at rest chiaroscuro - pools of illumination on the dark canvas night glow and window lights early evening mailbox, Zenkoji avenue
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