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torii and north-south road, west edge of Sabae-city looking east to snowy mountain tops, west edge of Echizen-city new house construction, west of Sabae City pano 2017 jan 28 yoshino-river, north Takefu pano 2017 jan 28 west of Sabae snowy peaks to the east light van passing sleeping rice paddy, west of Echizen city torii near the busy rural road rice paddy harvested maybe 3 months ago lion-dog (koma inu) at Hiyoshi shrine, west Sabae-city shimenawa straw rope indicates purity, numinous source domestic tranquility - laundry pole Mt. Hino and waterway project underway stone and moss at the Hiyoshi shrine snowmelt on Sunday afternoon Hiyoshi shrine in west Echizen city along the Yoshino River detail of roof tile and snow melting Hiyoshi shrine at the edge of west Echizen city iron meets oxygen, water, summer sun and winter cold chain in the late afternoon light soft patina on the old wood offerings box wonderful green paint on the tin sheathing near graves roof tiles in the rain at the temple's wall along the street shiny surfaces in the suppertime rain Sunday night orangey red postbox on the Zenkouji-dori, Echizen city arcade lighting, Zenkouji-dori, Echizen city front door along the Zenkouji-dori after dark art for passers by, Zenkouji-dori, central Echizen city coin laundry 2017 jan 24 after supper night at Daihou-ji 2017 jan 24
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