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Starting the Nov. 14 annual prayer service with chanting Daihou-ji, November 14, 2017: extended chant Temple praise and prayer - procession sequence Daihou-ji (temple of great treasure) - chant begins temple praise and prayer - procession Just before the worship service begins, Buddhist temple northbound on the Hokuriku line, passing Mt. Monju at Sabae window light from the south, November 2017 river grab-shot from train window, Kuzuryu River collecting treats for kids - national initiative at many temples the crest of the feudal lord, Lord Honda chanted processing at the center of the worship hall changing colors of the fall leaves - cherry on river levee late afternoon light 14 November 2017 between showers afternoon, between rain showers, 2017 nov-14, zenkouji-dori 20180117-IMGL0642 20180117-IMGL0643 20180117-IMGL0646 20180117-IMGL0648 20180117-IMGL0650 20180117-IMGL0651 20180117-IMGL0652 20180117-IMGL0659 20180117-IMGL0660 20180117-IMGL0662 20180117-IMG_20180117_114751 20180117-IMGL0476 20180117-IMGL0658 20180117-IMGN0699 rail travel near Sabae-city with Monju-san framed
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