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house lots, narrow but deep - similar to old Kyoto tokens of the Edo period Fuchu on display Ibe shrine's west face in morning light close-up, reference table for men's/women's 'danger years' amulets and reference table of more rice paddy buried by residential construction the heyday of asphalt - derelict small operator, near Totani productive land turned into pavement or house foundation about 18 months ago - fire site; newly rebuilt morning bowl of black-hulled rice panorama atop Mt. Okamoto, 2018 Nov. 1 panorama, rice paddies covered by housing stock panorama of bullet train (shinkansen) station 2018 Nov. 2 panorama-bonsai exhibition 2018 Imadate on 2 Nov. part of the annual citizen art exhibition, SIPY shopping mall shopping mall includes this outlet for local growers early morning workday, looking north on Echizen-city west outskirts torii marking the road to the Oshio Hachiman-gu (shrine) Hachiman-Gu at Oshio, south of Echizen-city a few generations layered on this bus stop afternoon train south bound for Kyoto mobile grocery 2018 Awatabe 20180117-IMG_20180117_114747 20180117-IMG_20180117_114749 20180117-IMG_20180117_114912 20180117-IMG_20180117_120034 20180117-IMG_20180117_120037 20180117-IMG_20180117_120039 20180117-IMG_20180117_120530 20180117-IMGL0462
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