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demolition gang at work downtown dusk walk 2017 October 30, almost 5 p.m. Echizen city Rustic vinyl inflated; drumming corps on stage dusk walk October 30 near the light-rail Kitago station recently razed - main street house/shop demolished another house is gone - property lot now vacant dusk light and vigorous plant life filling the housing gap blurry shot of roof tiles laid on the new barber shop housing genesis from ground, to scaffolds, to finished renouncing war; protecting constitution article 9 new business construction fitted together, noon commuting to school, Wednesday morning flowers trimmed into miniature trees posing with Halloween themed display prize-winning blooms; theater poster evening commuters, Mt. Onigadake bouncey castle near live performance stage rides at Chrysanthemum festival ground after work driving home, Echizen-city west view, Yutaka bridge into Echizen-city shadows and light at lunch morning shrine ema boards high water after typhoon 21 of 10/23 sunbathing dragonflies, Hakusan shrine at Mt. Okamoto late afternoon Mt. Murakuni 10/25 looking at recent storm damage new shop from northwest replacing rooftiles; shopping street, Soja-dori golden light 10/25 shrine at foot of Mt. Okamoto resplendant Mt. Hino 10/25
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