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Typical late afternoon, bike & minicar near Funaoka shrine Soba (buckwheat) harvest 2017 Nov. 2, Sabae city Iibe shrine, morning of Culture Day, Nov. 3, 2017 a.m. light atop Mt. Atago, Culture Day, 2017 Nov. 3 dusk cemetery, 2017 Nov 2 at Ryusen-ji City waking up, commuters on the move, river heading north demolition crew at the ready dusk walk October 30 near the light-rail Kitago station Some rides at the Chrysanthemum Festival 2017 another house is gone - property lot now vacant evening sounds, barber pole 2017 Nov 2 evening sound 2017 Nov 2 Fukakusa neighborhood River life versus commuter life studied rustic scene; casual composition panorama 2017 Nov. 1 about 6:40 a.m. Echizen City center morning drive to work; Hino River at 7:00 morning sounds of city waking up around 6:40 a.m. on Wednesday morning gentle light filtering onto many surfaces high water, swift current after the typhoon rain demolition at rest on the Hirokoji avenue Rustic vinyl inflated; drumming corps on stage dusk walk 2017 October 30, almost 5 p.m. Echizen city recently razed - main street house/shop demolished dusk light and vigorous plant life filling the housing gap blurry shot of roof tiles laid on the new barber shop housing genesis from ground, to scaffolds, to finished renouncing war; protecting constitution article 9 demolition gang at work downtown new business construction fitted together, noon
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