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tableau in paper - cherry blossom viewing and fun Exhibition of Ikebana (living flowers) 2017 culture day, Nov 3 tea ceremony performed, weekend nearest to Culture Day close-up, wood carved sculptures ikebana-1, Culture Day 2017 mid-afternoon Culture Day at play park ikebana-2, Culture Day 2017 diorama in paper, citizen art exhibit 3-D art, citizen work on exhibit late afternoon Culture Day at play park pressed flower compositions, citizen art exhibit ikebana-5, Culture Day 2017 ikebana-4, Culture Day 2017 sculpture & quilting, citizen art exhibit dragonfly on stone before the mighty cedar, Kamo Shrine Dragonfly on 2017 Nov 2 at Nakashinjo-shrine Tableau of rural 2017 Japan - nature plus culture mild protest or rebuke - city hall demolishing city history So much beauty in plants, pottery, and design flowers arranged according to the Ohara-ryu flowers in the style of the Enshu-ryu daily lunch special 700 Yen at Iroha on 2017 Nov. 2 morning construction, new barbershop on November 3 panorama, half the main display space for Culture Day sidestreet color, Moto-machi, Takefu early evening bike and car near Funaoka-yama overlook, boundary of Sabae & Echizen-city west at 5 p.m. cemetery of Ryusenji mid-morning Ibe Shrine, Takefu fall light and color at Atago's east shrine
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