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20190412-DSC_1849 20190412-DSC_1803 20190412-DSC_1866 20190412-DSC_1934 20190412-DSC_1895 190412-A-NC615-3 190412-A-NC615-4 190412-A-NC615-5 20190412-DSC_1882 3KA13458a_C_2019-03-30 Train Trip from Chur to Tirano: RhB Cocktail Steward at Alp Grüm The Cockpit, seen at Pfäffikon SZ 1950 VW engine sectioned from dead aft DSC_0919 (1) Curd Tart dessert Dwntn Portland Los Angeles City Hall Hawaiian A330 over the ocean between North America and the Hawaiian Islands IMG_2930 Hawaiian A330 IMG_2933 Loooooooooong Bus BIG BUS N821DN Indigenous People Branding, Arrival at OAK after return from Hawaii IMG_3115 Video  Singapore Marina view from my Hotel Moss covered tree from the sea along the barrier rocks, exposed rocks, sand, low tide, Saltwater State Park, Pacific Coast, South Des Moines, Washington, USA Nordica ES-ACE Bombardier CRJ-701ER (CL-600-2C10) cn/10083 opby Adria Airways from 30-03-2016 to 19-11-2016 @ Polderbaan EHAM / AMS 14-10-2016 QANTAS A330-300 from Brisbane 10 view Alcasaba from Catedral Malaga 3D View From Duomo Trawler from Scarborough ready for a night of Prawning-1
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