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Memphis from atop the Bass Pro pyramid observation deck. Panorama. (Panel 3 of 3) View of Clew Bay from Croagh Patrick County Mayo Ireland hanoi Sunset Cloud over Deception Bay from Scarborough-4= Sunset Cloud over Deception Bay from Scarborough-2 Steam rises from the warm wet rains of mid-summer, temperate rainforest, northwest US, Pacifica Coast, backyard, Lakota Lhamo Ling, Washington, USA Cathedral Mountain from Wapta Mountain Glasshouse Mountains from Scarborough-1= hanoi hanoi street parking Old Town Hall Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Camelon Mt. Shasta from Mt. Ashland hanoi Air Madagascar 5R-EAA Airbus A340-313 cn/319 leased from Air France 29 Jun 2012 @ LFPG / CDG 15-06-2019 coming home from school Maligne Lake from Chalet currachs halong bay Day 041 Paysage : View from Castelmola of Giardini Naxos hanoi Paysage : Winter Sunrise from Fréjus Plage. Little Round Top from the Valley of Death Starbucks red cup Birch Forest  (designed by Chloe from Plainfield, IL, USA) DSC_0014 see_ecs_webpage-fire2005_pictures_php_for_credits_21 Sunset Cloud from Oyster Point Scarborough-01= Maligne Valley from Opal Hills
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