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"Question" by Francisco Leopoldo e Silva (1923), Consolation Cemetery, São Paulo, Brazil.

To the drama of lawyer Moacyr de Toledo Piza, buried where the sculpture is situated and who committed suicide with a head shot inside a taxi in 1923. The act of despair happened soon after Piza murdered the former seamstress and prostitute, Nene Romano, with whom she had had an affair two years before and had rejected him. "Semi reclined and sorrowful, [the work] represents a question mark.

The Brazilian artist Leopoldo e Silva studied in Rome with the great sculptor Arturo Dazzi. Excellent statuary, skillful modeler, his production comprises the human figure, mainly the female nude, portrait and religious art.

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Photo taken @ São Paulo on 16 July 2018 (© ER's Eyes - Our planet is beautiful. / Flickr)

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