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Ariane V Rocket Rocher de Tombelaine, Baie du Mont St Michel A green design My perspective on the future Flying with small clouds Cruising in the blue Mountain Lake in the French Alps Still sleeping Rose trémière Windsock showing 22Knots wind Ile de Bréhat from 3'000 feet Mont Saint Michel from 3'000 feet Roland Garros Conference at Le Bourget French Fouga Magister Boeing 747-100 engine Boeing 747-100 Tail Boeing 727's fin's vortex generators Boeing 727's wing fence Aircraft Engine Compressor French Fighter: Mystère IV Concorde Landing Gear Martin B-26 Marauder DC3 Dakota Martin B-26 Marauder Flying over the Alps Bench on a beach Beach in Los Angeles, CA Stallone's signature on Hollywood Boulevard Elvis in Hollywood Beach in Los Angeles, CA
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