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waiting game... but sometimes I find myself waking up at the beach again... Tip-toe through the tulips April Fools' Day... believe nothing and trust no one... Just like any other day. When you're gone... talk ♥ remind me once again ♥ brand new me ♥ Snapshot_056 Post Title: Snapshot_053 you've got a pretty kinda dirty face ♥ Fever... My head says „Who cares?“, but then my heart whispers „You do, stupid …“ Wanna candy? Make peace of mind your priority... 'bout a hundred tries ♥ Underground base Underground base spring Post Title: Snapshot_062 Snapshot_057 Post Title: Snapshot_055 Post Title: be mine ♥ un-drunk ♥ i'm just drawn that way. ♥ you used to meet me on the east side ♥
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