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Forward-deployed Aircraft Carrier Photos

190711-N-AV746-0798 191029-N-ZF088-0041 191025-N-CL027-2290 191025-N-CL027-2343 Multiple aircraft from Carrier Air Wing 5 fly in formation over USS Ronald Reagan 191009-N-PJ626-5512 191009-N-PJ626-5512 Multiple aircraft from Carrier Air Wing 5 fly in over USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76). Ships from Reagan CSG and Boxer ARG are underway information while conducting security & stability operations 191004-N-PJ626-5512 191004-N-PJ626-0003 191006-N-VI515-0064 191006-N-VI515-0064 191006-N-VI515-0064 191006-N-VI515-0064 191002-N-DK042-1002 190911-N-CL027-1086 190822-N-CL027-2213 190821-N-ZQ950-1084 190821-N-ZQ950-1122 190821-N-ZQ950-1144 190815-N-PJ626-5561 190815-N-PJ626-5568 190926-N-CL027-1140 190926-N-CL027-1240 190926-N-CL027-1309 190815-N-PJ626-5561 190815-N-PJ626-5568 A C-2A Greyhound lands on the flight deck of USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) Flight operation in East China Sea aboard USS Ronald Reagan
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