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Beautiful mosaic work inside the Juma Mosque The ducks were feeling completely at home in that murky pool Though not longer a Caravansarai, it's still an impressive pit stop for travelers A Chinese tourist eyes me suspiciously as I try to get her into the frame The Sheki Caravanserai was the largest among the five on the route Outside, a long row of gift shops line the massive Sheki Caravansarai Another look inside the gift shop at the Sheki Caravansarai It just gets more interesting- a store selling local musical instruments A peek inside the store selling traditional Azeri musical instruments Church of Kish- one of the oldest in the Caucasians Interior of the Church of Kish, the oldest in that area I was really fascinated by those prehistoric skeletons! The crypt you saw earlier dates back to the 3 -10 Centuries! A last look at the Church of Kish- getting here was a real torture An ancient monastery next to my hotel in Sheki Fresh cabbage on sale- there were thousands of them! Red hot chilly peppers Morning shoppers in the Sheki market Walking through the ancient veg market in Sheki At the fringes of the Sheki market this still sells masks, toys and other assorted doo dads Mothers out with their children in the Sheki historic market A traditional Sheki 'halva' (fudge) stall in the market The Yeddi Gumbaz Mausoleum is actually a series of structures Graves in the foreground as well The surrounds of the Yeddi Gumbaz Mausoleum are still in use today A beautifully wooded tea stop on the way to Sheki Ducks in the pool in a pit stop on the long haul to Sheki The church is now used as a museum View of the delightful surrounding countryside Stained glasses in our hotel reception- since I could not photograph them in the Khansarai
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