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Hong Kong Noodle galbi Yes, those are plants coming out of my first course. #food #wow #japan #tokyo french onion goodness Falafel Dish at Market Table - West Village, NYC ―the great divide SCION Ice & Vice Hello Kitty Pinot Noir Bulgogi Kimchi Burrito Matcha Love Neum - Bosnia-Herzegovina Ice Cream Cake Cold Rock Parlour Burger Bar Harbor - Jordan's Restaurant: Wild Maine Blueberry Muffin Empellón Cocina Kitchen Table - Manchamanteles Jethro's Fine Grub, Vancouver Bas Armagnac Baron Legrand 1971 20130109_2k Vegan Virginia steak from Wheaty | Sweden IMG_20130728_152803.jpg stuffing 20120622_18k BANANA DRINK!!!!!!!!!! at Viasko, lovely vegan restaurant | Berlin, Germany Jersey City: Thirty Acres - Arctic Char Kalbi ―Korean BBQ Short Ribs 🍖 🍚 🐄 moar cabbage rolls (one hour later) sweet and savory Food-Porn-Babyback-Ribs-Hillstone-Dallas-TX nothing but bacon NYC - LES: WD~50 - Black sesame, yuzu, mango, popcorn pyrex casualty of temperature shock
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