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Starbucks goma goma goma frappuccino Broadway Market in Hackney - London, UK “Breakfast isn't breakfast without breakfast.” ―Laura C. Goodwin 🍗 🍔 Petersilie Faux-sage Gnocchi Bake Best Breakfast Ever “We can’t talk about race and food, because nobody wants to acknowledge the truth—privilege (racial or gender) is a deeply satisfying possession.” ―Tunde Wey 🐠 🌶 IMG_20130728_152803.jpg Polenta salade au canard Bo Ne Phu Yen ChickenTikkaMasala 20171011_203208-IMG_8827 Neum - Bosnia-Herzegovina Parlour Burger The crew preparing lunch galbi A rather Scandinavian dinner. No potatoes, though. lemon caper sauce base french onion goodness stuffing PHWOOAR! Food porn! Redcurrant & balsamic glazed ham. My pigshake brings all the boys to the yard... moar cabbage rolls (one hour later) Florida - West Miami: El Mago de la Fritas - Frita Caballo pyrex casualty of temperature shock 100_7169.JPG 20070602_14k Vegan little cookies Berowra Waters Inn Doughnut Austrian Dinner - Pancake Soup
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