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the secret folsom street fair & thou art woman! an essay from 2009 by scott richard

the secret folsom street fair & thou art woman! an essay from 2009 by scott richard

for the purpose of today's homily, let us consider genesis.

chapter one opens with a creation story. this creation story is bigger and fuller feeling than the second one which follows in chapter two. the first creation story is about the darkness and the light, the separations that occur within the structure of the universe that is being defined logically -- beginning with the void and moving outward constructing the evolutionary outlook of development: day and night, land and water, heaven and earth, the pairing opposites of a cyclical interpretation of life.

from this settling comes plant life, stars and seasons for days and years.
next are the sea animals (mammals are specifically mentioned in king james) and then the birds. they are commanded to be sexual and replicate.

then come the land animals and man is created FIRST out of god's imagination. then, man, like EVERY other creature, is created in god's image. and, in this story, MAN means MALE & FEMALE. it is used to signify that MAN is the conjugation of the male sex and the female sex. man does not mean male. it means human, male or female.

next god tells his newly created human creatures what he tells the others -- go and have sex and replicate. BUT, god adds a tag-on phrase "replenish the earth and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth." then god tells humans to be vegetarians and informs humankind that all animals are vegetarian

and so ends chapter one.

chapter two begins with the "completion" of the first origin story, i guess. god rests on the seventh day. but then, oddly, the story goes on, so much so that it is clearly a different story and not the end of the first origin story. and the introduction of LORD god to replace the previous god occurs.

in this second story, there is a mist over the earth which waters the earth but there is no one to tend the earth. so LORD god creates man out of the dust. and man, this time, is a MALE. man is never female in this version of the story. man is man and human. woman is secondary and female, not man.

LORD god, sad that man is alone, creates all the land beasts and air animals for ADAM, suddenly named with the creation of these animals. none are sufficient for helping adam be alone. so LORD god has ADAM fall asleep and surgically removes a rib, forming a woman out of it. and the institution of protected alliances is created -- woman, formed from man, is incapable of being alone and must always be tied to man.

for the next part, which is really the beginning of the homily, one must read chapter three in its entirety

an odd story, no doubt, but let's look at some of the basic elements:

sexual reproduction is at stake here. this is a story about sex, not apples. and more than sex, reproductive sex. indeed, the woman and the serpent have sex. this is the crime that woman is shamed for and yet who acknowledges this?

we already know from the grammatological constructs that LORD god's greatest power, according to the first story about god, is his ability to create replicating life forms. indeed, one could even claim that this is LORD god's ONLY power, since he's clearly no genius at politicks and has created the origins of an "out of control" scenario.

so, the woman, tempted by the serpent, succombs to his sexual persuasions. they have sex in an effort for the serpent to reveal to her the power of LORD god.

at this point we do not really know what a serpent looked like. we do know that serpents could walk or were upright. this much is clear from the curse that is later attributed by LORD god.

but the story gets weirder, if you can believe this. the woman "tricks" adam into sexual engagement and then LORD god, strolling through the garden, stumbles into the human embarassment and lays out his judgments for this crime of copulating replication (despite the earlier pretense of the first story that man, humanity, should multiply).

after they are kicked out of the garden, they enter a world that has been in full operation, much longer than their little contrived garden experience.

but oddly, it is never mentioned that the woman, only known as eve after the sin, could very easily have been pregnant with the serpent's child. the enmity between the later story of cain and abel would make a lot more sense, as would the curse that god places on woman -- she who gave birth to the half reptile and the full human.

whether this is a LITERAL possibility or just a fictional hypothesis, the hatred of half breeds is one of the cornerstones for biological histories/hierarchies.

regardless of any of the above, the birth of cain and his subsequent fall from grace as the "angry murderous farmer" (the only one truly fulfilling the vegetarian requirements set out by the god in the first creation story as mentioned above), brings about a startling revelation -- the LAND OF NOD. nothing is known of this "land", a place of wanderers. but clearly, according to the continuing saga, cain met a woman with whom he repeated the sexually reproductive act and founded a city named after his son enoch.

adam goes on to live to be 930 years old, and his third son, seth, is the one to create the generations of adam, which are listed in chapter five taking the story to noah, the ark builder.

at this point in the old testament history, LORD and god become separated and used alternately, depending on their need -- when god speaks, it is as LORD. when god thinks, he is still god.

god is disappointed with the breeding practices that have taken over his earth. the giants and half-breed offspring of angels and humans are everywhere. they are committing evil practices and abominations. so god sends the flood without ever explaining why he finds favor with noah. and, technically, this should be the end of the half-breed human/reptile offspring.

but not quite. if we look back at some of the cross lineage info that is available, cain's bloodline trickles back in through enoch's marvelous journey and lifetime stories. his son, methuselah, is the grandfather of noah, so we just miss on cleaning the bloodlines. there is actually even this weird crossover where the original clothing god made to cover up adam and eve's shame, for contact with the reptile and procreation, is passed down to noah through cain's bloodline, suggesting, if it is metaphorical, that the stain, or sin of the cross-species reproduction continued past the flood.

oh well. it all seems kinda jibberishy when you look at it closely...

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Photo taken on 30 September 2018 (© torbakhopper / Flickr)

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