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the secret folsom street fair, scott richard

the secret folsom street fair, scott richard


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when someone great is gone


on similar streets a gathering occurred. folks knew the REAL FOLSOM STREET FAIR was being taken over by looky lous, tourists and ahole lawyers who want desperately to flaunt their bodies but have no interest in the actual sex-play and sexuality of bondage and leather and the gritty nasty.

they had come to drink fruity water and alcoholic beverages and take selfies. so when they were groped or bumped up against, they screamed RAPE and started making SAFE GROUPS inside the world's most historical BDSM fair.

they brought more of their lawyers after expensive brunches and they brought their small dogs and even tried to bring their kids until others told them, "this is a REALLY special event for city public streets!!! no kids because kids don't really have sex and this is a unique fair that is about SEX."

but they didn't care how special the event. they wanted THEIR RIGHTS to be free and flaunty. so they ruined the fair.

they invited all their friends and they all uber and lyfted their way down after brunch and tried to litigate the photography -- because even though they were SHOWING OFF, they wanted to protect their image by allowing no one else to take it with asking for permission.

and honestly, no one really wanted their picture anyway. there were so MANY people who wanted their pictures taken that they felt the competition and got upset. especially the LADIES, who are usually the ones who cry for safety the fastest anyway, even at a SADO MASOCHISTIC LEATHER BONDAGE PARTY that they VOLUNTARILY CHOSE TO ATTEND.

so the locals got upset and started the SECRET FOLSOM STREET FAIR.

and, it was so much more fun.


next year, there will also be a SHAMEFUL PARADE where REAL GAY people have a parade instead of a bunch of fking corporations and their drones who have taken over the PRIDE PARADE with their homophobic wealth and promotional power.

fku, SF MET.

you will not own us!!!!!
we are the city!!

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Photo taken on 30 September 2018 (© torbakhopper / Flickr)

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