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the secret folsom street fair & an essay on FAKE FIREFIGHTING in CALIFORNIA from the year 2009 when "firefighting" became an industry and all my art work almost burned, scott richard

the secret folsom street fair & an essay on FAKE FIREFIGHTING in CALIFORNIA from the year 2009 when


heavy california


please take a moment to read the following article. it has verifiable links attached.

the new face of firefighting isn't what you think and if you live in california, you should think about it, imo.

it's actually not new, either. the article, which discusses the rebirth of private firefighting collectives is from down in san diego back in december of 2007. if private firefighting becomes an industry, so will arson.

[edit 03/01/2012 several of these links have been killed. i'm not sure if that's standard business on news stories. each link specifically identified firemen and/or volunteer firemen as arsonists, many were also convicted of conspiracy to set fires as well. these were just a few who were caught.]

[edit INSERTION2018 -- as mentioned, you will notice if you click ANY of these links, they've been INFO PURGED. and FYI, that's going to happen to all the "facts" that were on the internet. it's part of the "disappearing news" syndrome. my stuff, for example, is currently being deleted off the internet in a "shadow banning" for speaking out against FACEBOOK PROFITS. within two weeks of writing my essay on the congressional hearings my stuff was deleted from several robot sites. i say BRAVO!!!! hate = changes acoming!]






" While little is known about the extent of firefighter arson, enough is known to indicate that it is a problem. Additionally, research has shown that many states do little in terms of awareness and prevention. Perhaps most important, both studies found that many of the tools needed to combat this problem are in the hands of most chiefs and departments. "




and the list of arsonists who were volunteer or active firefighters is pretty endless, and it could almost make you laugh when you read the above quote that says "...while little is known about the extent of firefighter arson...". rather, it should say, "little can be known as to the actual extent of firefighter arson since most of it goes unnoticed, unchecked, and unpunished!!!"

we shall see what may 19th will be like. check your ballot to see how you feel about . PROP 1 a - f

"One opponent of the ballot measures called the governor's proposal a "blatant scare tactic."

Jon Coupal, president of Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, argued that rather than targeting public safety, the governor should find "waste, fraud and abuse" in the state.

The governor's spokesman, Aaron McLear, said the administration is merely preparing for a possible worst-case scenario.

In two weeks, voters will decide the six ballot measures that were part of the February budget deal reached between Schwarzenegger and legislative leaders to close a nearly $42 billion shortfall through June 2010."

...in the meantime, this fire, which has all appearances of being groomed and pimped through the nights (hey, it's day four and they are only now calling in the DC 10s???!!).

okay, if you read at least half of the links, i think your mind is at least working in new ways about how this booming industry is using politics and circumstance and arson to benefit.

anyway, food for thought. there are literally thousands of links and and avenues you can research this issue on your own. if you live in this state, i hope you take some time.

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Photo taken on 30 September 2018 (© torbakhopper / Flickr)

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