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somebody told me
the killers


TRANSLITERATING THE GOLDEN ORDER OF THE NEW DAWN -- dissecting the MYERS BRIGGS extended formation of archetypes : an exploration and bridge transliteration of tarot and astrology, the "precursors of social gaming psychologies" by scott richard

this essay will not make sense to most people:

or, how the transliteration for the myers briggs works

this is its historical journey from its origins in the psychologies of the traditional tarot (and through my own deck of tarot, the u.s. tarot) and astrologies and then to its final resting place, the table card deck before rampaging off into the business world of headhunters and party planners and team developers. assisted by MARVEL and DC, the superhero complex is burgeoning and everybody wants a specialize freak. psssssst.

"...somebody told me that you had a boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend that i had in february of last year, it's not confidential, i've got potential
rushing a
rushing a
rushing around!!"

MYERS BRIGGS | the u.s. tarot by scott richard | traditional tarot (ryder deck) | and the playing deck | western astrological element

the breakdown:

in the MYERS BRIGGS' system the acronyms have been converted into archetypes which makes this transliteration study a lot easier than when it was just LETTERS by ASSOCIATION.

it's a lot easier to work with the archetypical idea of an "advocate" than it is to make sense of INFJ. one has context, the other is encoded. so this VISUAL STORYTELLING decodes the mystery. an ISTJ becomes a LOGISTICIAN, something far more palatable to the memory and easier to store in the memory's system.

there are four separate cagtegories for ordering the human personality in the MYERS BRIGGS that establish the arena boundaries for this mind "game".

they are:


here's how those categories cross. I'll tag on the astrological correspondence with "elements"


NEXT, there are four manifested versions of personalities under each of these four categories.

all of these four manifestations of personality are "sex-divided" in historical astrologies (the yin -- the still, the holder, the receptive, the creator versus the yang -- the movement, the pusher, the destroyer). and we see this in the male vs. female gender gap in the western astrology ALL FIRE SIGNS AND AIR SIGNS are masculine and WATER SIGNS AND EARTH SIGNS -- just like yin/yang principles -- are feminine.

so EIGHT signs are intraverted and eight signs are extraverted.
but they are not gender assigned (the tests prove otherwise if you look closely) and it is the "energy loss" or "energy gain" that signifies what other mystery schools just reduce-assign to gender. or the spectrums of passive/receptive compared to aggressive/unreceptive.

The intraversion versus extraversion, the passive/receptive versus the motion/forcer -- you can see that the very goals and aims of each "archetype" in the MYERS BRIGGS are either "needy of an audience" (co-dependent) or prefers to be left alone (independent). so the backside business study of this is to try to figure out what kind of amagos (specific spiritual unions that form when people spend time together and become "us" and "we", igniting spiritual bonds and connections that are invisible to others). without amaogs, people who are left alone in work place environments tend to be capable of "figuring things out on the own", stocked with their own ideas about things and having means and aptitude for finishing tasks while lacking the co-dependent need of approval or affirmation from the outside. they are charged from within and need different reward structures.

in MYERS BRIGGS, this gets pushed off into the YIN. which creates, invariably, a bunch of false leads and isn't accurate because it ignores the fantastic spirit of YANG that is embedded in the gifts of the intraverted signs -- ideas, inventions, alliances, etc. and that's one of the differences -- the MYERS BRIGGS test appears to have transcended the gender-separatism of other methodologies. which generates the illusion of gender neutrality because the co-dependency of the extraverted signs is not gender-based. instead it's an attention deficiency/higher requirement. but the truth is more complicated, because, as it will come up later, the actual stats demonstrate a very strong gender bias on many of the signs.

but back to the shift from the intravert to the extravert:

it naturally follows in the MYERS BRIGGS then that the "action principle" in the movement from intraversion to extraversion is ALWAYS the activated/converted communal power of the intraverted isloated/individual strength. this isn't the case in real life at all but you can look at the archetypes and they are correlated by their need for attention.

sidenote, if you look at the percentages for people with INTUITION compared to SENSORY for the 1.2 million people who have taken the test on 16 PERSONALITIES' website, you will find that INTUITION is a 3:7 ratio. SENSORY and "unidentified percentages" individually "out total/number" INTUITIVES forming almost an 80% majority on this site alone and again, this indicates that the actual presence of sensorials is much greater in the real world.

but back to the TRANSITION from the intraversion state to the extraversion state. in this system, the visual arrangement is a square that links the four archetypes of each category to each other with each one being separated by either INTRAVERSION/EXTRAVERSION or by one other character trait.

the architect becomes the commander; the logician becomes the debater; the advocate becomes the protagonist; the mediator becomes the campaigner; the logistician becomes the executive; the defender becomes the consul; the virtuoso becomes the entrepreneur; the adventurer becomes the entertainer.

and so, philosophically, the spectrum is created from one's location between two archetypes. or more. it's kind of like using tracks to dj. you can probably fit as many as you like into the mix.

if a methodology is effective, you can "act out" the patterns/habits/routines/techniques of the other archetypes and fulfill the "christ coup" of the 13th disciple.

but for simplicity's sake, let's just say that the progression of personality does go from intraverted to extraverted in this set-up. inertially linked.

the manifest qualities of the intraverted become the MOVING extraverted powers of the same force.
ergot, the intraverted model is "contained" and simultaneously abstracted from context.
the magic of the intraverted person doesn't require union.
on the other hand, the extraverted model is by nature activated and requires attention within a specific context — the extraversionizing of the intraverted state becomes the “us”. the unionized state of being is, therefore, extraversion.

so here are the four types with transliteration through the above-mentioned categories of tarot and astrology and the playing card deck

here are the INTUITIVE archetypes, forming less than 24% of the entire testing population and much less in the real world population.

category ONE of the intuitives

ANALYSTS word swords spades
all analysts are intuitives
ANALYSTS | word | swords | spades

(this is a transliteration layout for those who can follow it. i wrote a tarot deck that you can find here called "u.s. tarot" that is the second word. the third word is from traditional tarot and the last word is the way the archetypes ended up in the playing deck of cards. so it reads like this:

analysts (the thinkers/idea makers = air signs) | "communications"/THE WORD in u.s. tarot |
"the loneliness of thought" in traditional tarot | and lastly, the entire suit of SPADES in the playing deck

here are the ANALYST “characters”:
INTP--the logician--INTP 3% testing population
ENTP--the debater--ENTP
ENTJ--the commander--ENTJ
INTJ--the architect--INTJ 2% .08% of that women
less than 10% of the total testing population, much less percentage for real population studies.


category TWO of the intuitives
DIPLOMATS lilies cups hearts
all diplomats are intuitive
DIPLOMATS | lilies | cups | hearts

diplomats are the go betweeners for human relations and emotions = the water signs of the human condition | lilies in the u.s. tarot representing the western astrological procession of RELATIONSHIPS from birth to release | cups in traditional tarot for marriage alliances and unions | hearts in the playing deck, diminished romanticism.

here are the DIPLOMAT “characters”
INFP--the mediator--INFP 4%testing population
ENF--the campaigner--ENFP 7% testing population
ENFJ--the protagonist--ENFJ 2%
INFJ--the advocate--INFJ less than 1%
less than 14% of the total testing population, but much less than that in the real world population

most of the general population is comprised of SENSORIALS. sensorials have not gone very far into the world of abstract thought and expression. they fall for things like santa claus and jesus and never get too far into the abstractions of these concepts, but tend to LITERALIZE the ideas out of a needy sense of comfort. they move toward the CONCRETE and more comfortable with physicality of thought. they are a bit like horses with blinders on and are endlessly frustrating for INTUITIVES who have access to a much wider range of knowledge, ideas, spiritual forces and expressions. SENSORIALS, in mexican witch magic, are those who have no access to magic. repetition and familiarity erode the world of magic and make it impossible to see, use and experience.

SENSORIALS make up a HUGE chunk of the human population. the elitists who are able to take this test prove that SENSORIALS make up about 95% of the actual human population with INTUITIVES forming the other 5%.


category ONE of the sensorials

SENTINELS pearls wands clubs
all sentinels are sensorials
SENTINELS | pearl | wands | clubs

sentinels are the GUIDES and GUARDS and GURUS — protectorates — pillars of social order and representatives of the realm of earthly matters | in u.s. tarot these are the spiritual safeguards for society | in traditional tarot this is the floating human hand holding onto a tree branch | the suit of clubs in the playing deck, reduced to a bludgeon.

here are the SENTINEL “characters”
ISFJ--the defender--ISFJ 13% of the testing population
ESFJ --the consul--ESFJ 12% testing population
ESTJ--the executive--ESTJ @ 11%testing population
ISTJ—logistician--ISTJ 13% testing population


category TWO of the sensorials
EXPLORERS devices pentacles diamonds
all explorers are sensorials
EXPLORERS | devices | pentacles | diamonds

fire signs in western astrology, these are the fire starters, fire keepers, arsons and fire dancers | in u.s. tarot the suit of wands and pentacles was merged into one -- DEVICES -- in order to generate a new fourth open suit called PEARLS — a post-industrial realization/consciousness where east meets west synergistically. so here, devices become the mechanisms of creation by which we push forward into a technological era — it is the mergence of social order and material order | the suit of diamonds is the story of human trade and commerce and travel.

here are the EXPLORER “characters”
ISTP--the virtuoso--ISTP 5% of testing pop
ESTP--the entrepreneur--ESTP
ESFP--the entertainer--ESFP
ISFP--the adventurer--ISFP

73% taken. the 22% leftover is distributed anonymously between the debater, the commander, the entrepreneur, the entertainer, and the adventurer.


but i'll tell you a big secret for me.
it's the difference between INTUITION and SENSORY that seems to make or break the viability of a relationship.
for me, being around sensorials is a bit like the metaphor about the baby and the red ball and the couch. if the red ball is rolled behind the couch, the baby thinks the ball has disappeared.
sensorials have this developmental inability to see/touch and feel the world of intuitive reason, order and viability. for them, it remains an invisible plane. and, worse, there is a general distrust and fear that arises when sensorials get whiff of the notion that there is an unseeable world that surrounds them with information and power.

as i've mentioned already, sensorial populations far outweigh intuitives in actual reality -- the ratio of 7:3 is MERELY what we get from this entitled study from 16 personalities, but the actual population (not just the 1.2 million entitled and internet savvy people who managed to log in and take an online test) of sensorials is much higher. intuitives are far and few between.

cautionary tale: methodologies can be compelling. like any good dogma, they can be useful for generating cooperation, community and confidence.

but they should be used sensibly and without manipulation. they are heuristic and unstable compared with reality.
methodologies are compilatory systems.
keep that in mind.

and by the way, how fking funny is it going to be when okcupid sells all of its data to this kind of algorithmic busting info gathering/targetting place called 16 Personalities? whatta hoot. it's startling how many "types" love just splaying things wide open for the hollywood dream. if you look close, it's in these character profiles where you find the "missing percentages".

lastly some of my ideas about the "lionizing with archetypical imagery" is yay and oh well. i think this kind of visualization will make the ideas in play more accessible and therefore more likely for misunderstanding and misuse and even intellectual codependency to a "workable" philotechnique.

but that's all it is. it's a closed system for identification.
it has purposes but it has limited use if the identification doesn't work properly.

the wildly basic FACT is that people don't know themselves and the way people are seen by others is also unknowable. the amount of unknowability is staggering. that's why we generate "personality types". to not feel so bewildered and confused by the range of abnormal and uber normal and subnormal and sideways with a beef burger normal.

there is a "collective" yearning in the human condition. even if it's murderous. there are VERY few people who literally shun the company of humans. this is just factual, if not ancient aristotelian logic.

(read more)

Photo taken on 30 September 2018 (© torbakhopper / Flickr)

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