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Another colour of Autumn 3/5 Hartford Connecticut -   Congregation  Ados Israel Synagogue  - 215 Pear Street - Orthodox  Oldest Red winter foliage Quarry Pond. Pinnacle Mountain State Park. Arkansas. 2020. White-handed Gibbon (Hylobates lar) calling another perspective Franciscan Monastery, Hvar mountain hemlock, Tsuga mertensiana Impermanence in Red Once-upon-a-Fall.. Buddha and Ginkgo Foliage Latina Bridge, Sarajevo Rasta Spatiphyllum. Rain on the Pergola Carpet in Red Made of Wood Daihō-in 大法院 Daihō-in 大法院 The Spillway Take a Creekside Walk Little Tree Ablaze Chittenango Falls Nanzen-ji WildShingleOak {Animated} 4Seasons Lights Are Strung Kōtō-in 高桐院 Dainei-ken 大寧軒 Jingo-ji 神護寺 Fall Hydrangeas Silver Lake
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