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Moulton Barn - Grand Teton National Park In the garden Dracaena Milky Way Autumn is the Perfect Time (with quote) Towpath Trail Rails and Wires Alice  - Queen of Winter humble beardtongue, Penstemon humilis var. humilis Indian spring parsley, Cymopterus aboriginum Brown Leaves Autumn Tenju-an 天授庵 Sinharaja - Unidentified Fungi Steel Dragon Falling Leaves, Kimberly Crest 12-15 American Sweetgum leaves NJ (5) Red #8329 Gingko biloba promenade (イチョウ並木) Changing Leaves in South Texas Ruth Zimmerman Natural Area (Autumn Visit) (6) Summer border Open Canopy Colours will come. Untitled, 2013 (roots) Holly Oak At the Botanic Gardens Sarcotoechia serrata - Fern Leaved Tamarind naturnahe Fußmode 268/365: Transition Time
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