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Weevil, Hoplocopturus sp., Curculionidae Thorned heart orb weaver, Micrathena clypeata Beetle, Platyphora sp., Chrysomelidae Treehopper, Chelyoidea intermedia, Membracidae Pretty Harvestman, Opiliones Crab orb weaver with cat face, Aspidolasius branicki Treehopper, Phyllotropis cingulata, Membracidae Tortoise beetle, Cyrtonota montana, Cassidinae Big eyed Weevil, Piazurus sp., Curculionidae Longhorn Beetle, Steirastoma breve, Cerambycidae Tortoise beetle, Spilophora cuneata, Cassidinae Treehoppers, Aetalion reticulatum & Guayaquila xiphias & tending ants, Camponotus sp. Treehopper, Cladonota sp., Membracidae Treehopper, Cladonota sp., Membracidae Jumping spider, Salticidae Spined Orb-weaver, Wagneriana sp. Assassin Bug nymph, Arilus sp., Reduviidae Collected Flakes (Jan 18th 2019, #4) Weevil, Heilus sp., Curculionidae Leafhopper nymph, Cicadellidae Cute little Leafhopper nymph from the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador Collected Flakes (Jan 18th 2019, #3) Collected Flakes (Jan 18th 2019, #2) All Things New Colorful Treehopper, Membracis mexicana Thorned heart orb weaver, Micrathena clypeata Collected Flakes (Jan 18th 2019, #1) Treehopper, Umbonia ataliba, Membracidae Crab Spider, Epicadus heterogaster Velvet ant, Hoplomutilla or Pappognatha sp.? Mutillidae
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 macro, insect, bug, spider, fly, nikon, canon, closeup, flower, nature
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