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Fly Photos

Icarus's Dream

Hover fly


Common green bottle fly

Vuelo al atardecer

Like Light To A Fly XIII

Chile - Laguna Chaxa - flamingos

the mushroom

Sciomyzidae (marsh fly)

Transverse Flower Fly - Eristalis transversa

I want to live!

The fly

Le Château Turpault

Dongfeng 153

Housefly on a Leaf

Red eyed fly

Cordyline Flowers

Back in New Zealand...

Dragon Rapide

Boeing 787-81B Dreamliner_B-2726

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Dung Fly

Lake Placid - New York - Garden Flower with Bumble Bee & Beetle

Eupeodes hoverfly

Sukhoi Su-27

Ready For Take Off

Free Flight


Common greenbottle fly


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