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Valentine DRA100209_079 6Q3A4804 Flesh fly Fly with Entomopathogenic fungus, Ophiocordyceps dipterigena they were dead they said Geese Taking Flight from Small Island nose-fly Pretty fly, Richardia sp., Richardiidae AIRBUS A380-861_F-HPJF_1 The fly Rose Common flesh fly Tachinid fly, Cholomyia inaequipes? Dog-Sled Racing  - 2, BW Dog-Sled Racing - 2 Lake Placid  New York - Vintage Homestead Abandoned -  Autumn Cliché IMG_0071 Yellow-headed Soldier Fly, Cyphomyia wiedemanni, Stratiomyidae Resting Fun in the Sky Weevil, Hoplocopturus sp., Curculionidae AIRBUS A330-941Neo (MSN 1884) AIRBUS A330-941Neo (MSN 1876) AIRBUS A330-941Neo (MSN 1910) Golden Fly  #fly #bird #florida #sunset #sunsetbeach #floridasunset #bunchebeach  #mrphotography #travel  #travelphotography Owl fly (Libelloides longicornis?) AIRBUS A350-941 (MSN 0280) Cranefly, Molophilus (Eumolophilus) sp.? Limoniidae, Tipulidae
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