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Broken wings Macro 6Q3A6158 (2) American Bittern A6-FGI flydubai A6-AOR Air Arabia Laughing Gull A short break Prepare for take-off Magic  flying boy Rhagoletis tabellaria, female Onfly Late afternoon at Auckland airport Little Jumping Spider, Beata sp., Salticidae with long-legged Fly, Dolichopodidae Beauty is in the eye of the beholder Allograpta on bristly oxtongue Macro North American T-28B Trojan OE-ESA Fly in the Green Singing like a Canary... ;-) Green-Cheeked Conures buddleia fan Laughing Gull Bird-fly Ballonfiesta Barneveld Fly & Ant BZZZZ Moth & Fly Thousands and Thousands
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 macro, bird, sky, insect, flying, nature, flight, wings, blue, birds
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