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Dilophus spinipes BOEING 787-9 Dreamliner_G-VDIA_1 Hirschlausfliege (Lipoptena cervi), Quellgebiet der Holzwarche bei Mürringen, Ostbelgien Fly with Entomopathogenic fungus, Ophiocordyceps dipterigena Dragonfly from Turkey A6-FGI flydubai A6-AOR Air Arabia Laughing Gull Bug-Eyed Prepare for take-off Malone New York  ~ Queen of the May ~  Queen Anne Architecture  ~ Onfly Tachinid Flies mating Fliegende Katze #Julie 😂🐱 Toronto from above Forest Fly on the aster Kailua - Long Legged Fly Broken wings Macro Fly in the Green 6Q3A6158 (2) Singing like a Canary... ;-) American Bittern Green-Cheeked Conures buddleia fan Laughing Gull A short break Bird-fly Magic  flying boy
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