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Culture Day near Chion-in in Kyoto - flowers, brush, tea Meijer Gardens, evening hours Don't throw away your dried flowers =) 4-H meeting - flower arranging 14 Decorations for Hemis Festival Exhibition of Ikebana (living flowers) 2017 culture day, Nov 3 So much beauty in plants, pottery, and design flowers arranged according to the Ohara-ryu flowers in the style of the Enshu-ryu ikebana-2, Culture Day 2017 ikebana-1, Culture Day 2017 ikebana-5, Culture Day 2017 panorama brush writing, citizen art exhibit A Breakout In Boots I like this one too! 25Hours VIDEO: Ben Target, Flower Rearranger 25Hours VIDEO: Ben and Mark 25Hours: Ben Target Arrives 25Hours: Flower Rearranging 25Hours: Morning Blooms 25Hours: Ben & Mark Flower arranging Flower arranging Flower arranging Christmas flower-arranging Christmas flower-arranging Christmas flower-arranging Bouquet Bay Shore GC, Bay Shore NY
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