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HGGT! This is an evergreen climber which clings by means of tiny stem roots to masonry, trees, cliffs & rocks and which carpets the ground in dense shade & under hedges.

The leaves remain on the plant throughout the year & from September to November they are joined by little yellow-green flowers (8–10 mm across). These have five pointed lobes & 5 prominent stamens, are borne in umbels. In the following spring, the berries develop, ripening purple-black. These are poisonous if eaten in quantity but much loved by many bird species. This is a native plant and it belongs to the Araliaceae family

Photo 67/100 for the 100 Flowers 2018 Group. This year I'm taking 100 photos of different wild flowers in the Irish countryside.

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Photo prise @ Monacahee le 18 octobre 2018 (© JulieK (thanks for 8 million views) / Flickr)

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