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190204-F-IZ285-0018 Sailors applaud after an award was announced at an all hands call. 190311-N-DX072-1137 190218-N-HD110-0286 190218-N-DX072-1914 190218-N-DX072-1334 190218-N-DX072-1573 190218-N-DX072-1683 190218-N-DX072-2071 190223-N-VN584-1047 190223-N-VN584-1069 190320-N-YG414-058 190316-N-KL617-047 An SH-60S Sea Hawk helicopter spins on the deck of USS Green Bay during a training exercise with other U.S. Navy warships 190311-N-DX072-1036 190311-N-DX072-1063 190311-N-DX072-1068 190311-N-DX072-1085 190311-N-DX072-1141 190215-N-DX072-1186 190215-N-DX072-1201 190215-N-DX072-1205 190216-N-DX072-1176 190216-N-DX072-1193 190216-N-DX072-1224 190216-N-DX072-1236 190218-N-DX072-1952 190218-N-DX072-2024 190302-N-WI365-1186 190302-N-WI365-1196
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