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200123-N-AT530-1029 200118-N-NC885-1169 200117-N-AT530-1040 Sailors signal an F-35B Lightning II to take off from flight deck of amphibious assault ship USS America 200114-N-ZS023-1010 200115-N-ZS023-1009 200115-N-ZS023-1015 A Sailor signals an F-35B Lightning to take off from the flight deck of USS America (LHA 6). 200112-N-AT530-1103 200111-N-ZS023-1018 200112-N-AT530-1183 Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Equipment) 1st Class Yaovi Ameto supervises an arresting gear team aboard USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74). 191117-N-NH257-0033 191120-N-VW723-0683 191123-N-FQ453-0051 191123-N-FQ453-0054 191016-N-CL550-0185 191016-N-CL550-0203 191016-N-CL550-0051 191016-N-CL550-0116 191016-N-CL550-0133 200111-N-ZS023-1087 190926-N-DX072-1212 190926-N-DX072-1029 190926-N-DX072-1040 190926-N-DX072-1050 190926-N-DX072-1073 190926-N-DX072-1086 190926-N-DX072-1137 190926-N-DX072-1147
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