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180412-N-OO032-0106 Coast Guard, Navy conduct towing exercise in Apra Harbor, Guam British Royal Marines and III MEF Marines conduct VBSS training on Guam Sailors recover a combat rubber raiding craft from a patrol boat during an exercise. JMSDF and Coastal Riverine Squadron Sailors train together in Guam USS Carl Vinson arrives in Guam 170802-N-ZZ999-0019 170729-N-UG232-0097 170729-N-UG232-0290 170729-N-UG232-0405 170729-N-UG232-0058 170729-N-UG232-0405 170731-N-UG232-0541 170726-N-UG232-0072 171003-N-AP360-0200 171002-N-AP360-0406 170804-N-UG232-0085 170804-N-UG232-0153 170804-N-UG232-0330 170802-N-UG232-1776 170729-N-UG232-0078 170729-N-UG232-0097 170729-N-UG232-0118 170729-N-UG232-0032 170729-N-UG232-0118 170729-N-UG232-0157 170731-N-UG232-0576 170729-N-UG232-0118 170729-N-UG232-0078 170613-N-ON977-0172
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