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20180216 1537 - Winterfire outfits - Carolyn, Clio - butts comparison - 15.37.45-diptych-38.31

20180216 1537 - Winterfire outfits - Carolyn, Clio - butts comparison - 15.37.45-diptych-38.31

Butt comparison! lol

Two cute butts!

Clio has come a long way since last year's Winterfire!

Carolyn tends to favor wearing all black, but the purple fishnets give her a splash of color.

Transition Progress at this point: On hormones since 8/1 (6.5 months); injections since 12/22 (1.5 months) [10 so far]. E up to an astounding 800! Full-time female since 9/15 (5 months). Publicly out as trans since 10/11 (4 months). Legally female since 12/21 (1.5 months). Plastic surgery consults happening. Have seen endo/primary therapist 5X, and secondary therapists 9X. Weight down to 137lbs (60 down from 197). Hair removal includes 30 electrolysis treatments totaling 23.5 hours; 30 laser hair removal sessions (51 area treatments: 16/15/13/12/8 mouth/goatee/face/neck/armpits, 7 legs/chest, 6 ears/Brazilian); and bi-weekly at-home IPL on arms since 6/17 (8 months). Latisse for eyelash lengthening since 4/17 (10 months). 2 dental implants. Pierced ears. Dyed/layered hair (no haircuts for 3yrs--since 1/2015). Twice daily hydroquinone treatment on leg hyperpigmentation since 2/14 (2 days). Female wardrobe replacement was up to 623 items. Total transition expenditures were over $16,000 at this point.

Carolyn, Clio.
bending over, posing, standing.
bat garter, black and purple skirt, black skirt, chainmail necklace, collar, corset, fishnet stockings, leather shirt, plaid skirt, purple fishnet.diptych.

hallway, Clio and Carolyn's house, Alexandria, Virginia.

February 16, 2018.

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BACKSTORY: Our outfits for the first night of Winterfire.

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Photo prise le 16 février 2018 (© Clio CJS / Flickr)

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