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The Dress With Fishes

Lionfish spines




Paris Ontario - Canada - 214 Grand River St North - Architecture Victorian

That's the Night I Knew You Were My Pet

at the fish market

Loons and Sushi

There are other fish in the sea

Water snake with prey

Creative hairdo at the Buskers Festival in Bern, Switzerland


Bergen Bryggen Waterfront

Diver in Sagami Bay big tank in Enoshima Aquarium, Fujisawa : 相模湾大水槽にて(新江ノ島水族館)

SANDWICH lable beside a sandwich

ucs aquarium #3

The Catch

The Offering

Moby Rock

Celestial Eye (Goldfish) of Sumida Aquarium in Tokyo Sky Tree Town : チョウテンガン(東京スカイツリータウン・すみだ水族館)

Cryptocentrus sp

Common terns

Der Koi im Himmelsmeer - gefangen im Eisenbahnnetz


Fish delight ?

Fish on candelabra

Real Stars of Silver Springs

I Want to Tell You How Much I Love You

Fish Story

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