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Wire Coral Goby with eggs - Bryaninops yongei Tahitian Damsel - Pomachromis fuscidorsalis Fish River Canyon Shoal of fish Two-spined Angelfish - Centropyge bispinosa Lemonpeel Angelfish - Centropyge flavissimus Lemonpeel Angelfish - Centropyge flavissimus Flame Angelfish - Centropyge loriculus Bluepatch Parrotfish, initial phase - Scarus forsteni Fivestripe Wrasse, terminal phase - Thalassoma quinquevittatum Blakiston's fish owls and a fox Same but Opposite Job Fishing pier. Ornate Wrasse, terminal phase - Thalassoma pavo Muscheln Ringtailed Cardinalfish incubating eggs - Ostorhinchus aureus Blue lurv! Bennett's nudibranch - Hypselodoris bennetti #marineexplorer Heavybeak Parrotfish, terminal phase - Chlorurus gibbus Rusted Fish, Storm Drain Cover Detail WP_20160716_01_33_19_Pro Backbreaking Work the challenge Surveys this weekend - Weedy seadragon - Phyllopteryx taeniolatus #marineexplorer Lifeforms Poop Time Noodlefish Salmon in creek, 2000 There is a fish in the net Swimming anemone - Phlyctenactis tuberculosa
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