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Schokoladen-Gebäck Tuna Rice Bowl at Tsukiji Fish Market : マグロ丼(築地場外市場) Theatre of the Fishes Ocean Trout Fishing at storm - its really fun! Fire Dartfish - Nemateleotris magnifica Lots of fish! Our fishing with my friends. Koh Racha Noi, Thailand Cod fish / Kablejau Identity Crisis - Old wifes trailed by confused luderick - Enoplosus armatus #marineexplorer Emperor Angelfish, young juvenile - Pomacanthus imperator Blue Reef Aquarium Roundspot Surgeonfish - Acanthurus bariene Delicate Blenny, juvenile - Glyptoparus delicatulus Cleartail Lionfish - Pterois russelli Max Beckmann, 1884-1950, Der kleine Fisch, dét. (la jeune fille), 1933, Centre Pompidou, Paris Dash-dot Goatfish with yellow stripe - Parupeneus barberinus Ringtail Surgeonfish - Acanthurus blochii Stalking Mullet From the Stalks Allen's Cardinalfish - Cheilodipterus alleni Threadfin Dartfish - Ptereleotris hanae Jaws / Les dents de la Mer Catostomus occidentalis Sacramento Sucker Our fishing with my friends. Koh Racha Noi, Thailand Pfauenschleimfisch (Salaria pavo) 2016 - China - Yellow Mountain - 16 of 27 Fishing Young Lake Sturgeon Holy goldfish (carps) in a high-altitude monastery Sam Poh, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia Fishy
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