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Fish at the market near our airbnb A sunday of September 1950 Ad, Gorton's of Gloucester Canned Fish Fahnenbarsch Orange ocean water jellyfish Humpback Dives Yellow fishes There are other fish in the sea Creative hairdo at the Buskers Festival in Bern, Switzerland Bergen Bryggen Waterfront The Offering Hanabusa (Goldfish)  of Sumida Aquarium in Tokyo Sky Tree Town : ハナフサ(花房 東京スカイツリータウン・すみだ水族館) Common terns Koi pond with artificial waterfall in Bluport mall in Hua Hin, Thailand the one is not like the others IMG_0687 Monitor lizard defending his meal against a murder of crows in Lumphini park in Bangkok, Thailand Bridge to the Abyss Märchenbrunnen A Group of Japanese Anchovy (Engraulis japonicus) larvae of Enoshima Aquarium, Fujisawa : カタクチイワシ仔魚の群生(藤沢市・新江ノ島水族館) At Enoshima Aquarium, Fujisawa : 新江ノ島水族館にて(藤沢市) Sashimi Puffin Epinephelus areolatus How it all works... Cryptocentrus leptocephalus Blacktip reef shark (Carcharhinus melanopterus) of Enoshima Aquarium, Fujisawa : ツマグロ(藤沢市・新江ノ島水族館) Lots of kois! Lots of clown fishes! Pleurosicya micheli
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