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My new PSA KS-47 Family friendly sporting clays course DSC00283 DSC00285 Weapons Galore 2 with Emenoneme IMG_3732 My new PSA KS-47 Checking out the target Checking out the scores at the sporting clays range Getting ready to shoot sporting clays Learning safety and marksmanship TS Learning to shoot a handgun TS Learning to shoot skeet TS Practicing marksmanship TS Safe loading and unloading TS Reading the shotgun range rules Rifle range Sighting in a rifle TS Shooting clay targets Safe shotgun handling TS Shooting sporting clays Shotgun shooting Skeet shooting TS Sporting clays Target shooting with a handgun TS Sporting clays fun Target shooting at FWC-managed public range Sporting clays station Learning rifle range rules Target shooting with a rifle
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