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Abstract painting Digital Oil Pastel Drawing of Logan Glacier by Charles W. Bailey, Jr. Bahia Palace, Marrakesh, Morocco, 藦洛哥 Little India, Singapore Puerto_Sevilla Standing on the Shoulders of Giants Groynes and the outfall The remains of the old railway bridge Little India, Singapore Vanity Fair Exhibition Outcoming Message Anselm Kiefer exhibition in white cube singapore BREATHE (RESPIRE) Pac-Man national gallery Singapore, Singapore Mooncakes festival, China Town, Singapore Heard on the Grapevine Fragments of winter 19/3 Fragments of winter 19/02 Soo sweet, City Hall, Singapore national gallery Singapore, Singapore Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore Lanterns, Paya Lebar, Singapore Funan Mall, Singapore, 新加坡 China Town, Singapore China Town, Singapore tree Tate Modern, London, England Vanity by Patti Gutshall
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