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Polar contrail's dark shadow from above

Polar contrail's dark shadow from above

I have yet to notice a contrail's shadow while standing on terra firma. Yet, there it is from a high vantage point.

At 31,000 feet and 30 miles back from Churchill on a northbound flight, we crossed over another plane's mid-troposphere contrail and silhouetted shadow. This ice crystal phenomena was enhanced by the low-angle of light cast by the early morning's rising sun.

The west-facing aerial view also shows a low angle-highlighted glacial drumlin field below courtesy of the former continental ice sheet slipsliding towards Hudson Bay. The Laurentide Ice Sheet would have been 3 miles (5 km) thick at the time of its glacial maximum. In other words, central Canada's big ice would have reached halfway up to my ride.

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Photo prise @ Kischiayamweekemow le 26 novembre 2018 (© subarcticmike / Flickr)

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