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Enniskillen Town Hall photo-merge, December 2019 Darling Street Enniskillen, photo-merge, December 2019 Lough Erne shrine Autumn cascade. Autumn bench. Reflections. Autumn at Castle Coole. Lough Melvin. Honey fungus. Devenish island. Autumn hues in Enniskillen. The ruin and the cross Fowley's falls. Lough Melvin sunset. Fermanagh lake. Inishmore viaduct. Evening glow on Lough Erne. 4 legged friends. Dahlia The Erne, Fermanagh. Devenish island swans. Lough Erne. Lough Erne sunset. Enniskillen at night. Peacock butterfly on daisies. Fermanagh (Trending Twitter Topics from 19.08.2019) Florencecourt woods. The Cascades. Nick Faldo. Afterglow on lough Erne.
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