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2018 - Germany - Munich - Lothar Dietz Bronze

2018 - Germany - Munich - Lothar Dietz Bronze

A 1963 bronze sculpture by Lothar Dietz (Reihel in Bronze hit Wasserspender) has a nice base to take a rest on. The seat was likely the wasserspende (water dispenser) originally

Sculptor Lothar Dietz was born in Jesserndorf, Lower Franconia as the son of a teacher. He studied from 1910 in Munich, first at the trade school with Karl Killer.

During this time he created his first public work with the portal decoration at the municipal school in Deroystraße.

Following the vocational school, he continued his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich with Professors Erwin Kurz, Hermann Hahn, Adolf Hengeler and Angelo Jank.

He worked as a freelance artist in Munich and occasionally led his own school of sculpture. One of his numerous pupils is the sculptor Claus Nageler.

Lothar Dietz exhibited regularly as a member of the Munich artists' cooperative in the Great German Art Exhibition. Closely linked to the Schwabing artist scene, he belonged to the artist circle "Seerose".

Dietz was born 14 April 1896 and died 11 August 1976.

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Photo prise @ Munich le 14 mai 2018 (© Ted's photos - Returns Late November / Flickr)

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