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My valentine, could you pass me the champagne please? Abbey Road in the California redwoods Zürich, a trip down the memory lane Santa Cruz, here we come! Mother Ship Movement and Motion the Fortunes of the Wreckless Thick as Thieves Question my Desire Snake Eyes Half the Trouble's in the Asking Hi-Lo Motel The Less We Say About it the Better Cupid's Span Sending Signals Mondavi Hours Are Like Diamonds Spring arrives early I Got Some Loose Ends That I Left Laying Around Undone Indivisible Sometimes I Try to Tell Myself the Light Was Never Real Why Wouldn't You? I See You're Leaving Soon Sometimes Things Begin and Other Times They End Valley Relics Museum, Van Nuys, CA In the Days Before Uber Alla salute amici! Bardo Lounge and Supper Club Some People Think They're Always Right Now You Are How You Were When You Were Real
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