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Abschied ist ein bißchen wie sterben.. 29th Infantry Division Mum and Dad head for security at the airport.  Not 170109-D-DB155-010 170109-D-SW162-0240 170109-D-SW162-0266 170104-D-SV709-0049 170104-D-SV709-0835 Matias signs off COTTET Charles,1898 - Au Pays de la Mer, Tryptique, Le Repas d'Adieu (Orsay) - Detail -zd COTTET Charles,1898 - Au Pays de la Mer, Tryptique (Orsay) - 0 mjc-2016-08-09-IMG_1887 RIP Spider-139 RIP Spider-109 RIP Spider-72 RIP Spider-66 RIP Spider-48 RIP Spider-22 RIP Spider-15 RIP Spider-5 The Cycle of Life and Death at Farewell Spit Closing Time - RIP Lotus Hotel and Cardroom #GoodbyePhilae #GoodbyePhilae #GoodbyePhilae #GoodbyePhilae #GoodbyePhilae #GoodbyePhilae #GoodbyePhilae #GoodbyePhilae
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