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A repost of scans from 2003 photos on film/ negative of the Aérospatiale/ BAC Concorde farewell tour at Toronto's Lester B Pearson Airport.

These are very bad captures, I admit it, but the original scans were even worse, so I re-scanned the negatives today.


Photo taken in 2003.

To many's surprises (even the Torontonian planespotters), British Airways' Concorde Farewell Tour included a stop in Toronto. We're just pleasantly, proudly shocked! On 2003-10-01, the Concorde flew to Toronto from London Heathrow, then undertook the Toronto-New York JFK-London Heathrow flight the following day.

The Toronto-New York JFK segment was sub-sonic (it's after all a 45-minute flight for an Airbus A319).

It being October, the sun sets early and I was using a crappy camera (an auto-focus with a 140 mm zoom), it's quite a bit of backlit, and most importantly, I was not (and still am not) a good photographer, which explains the poor quality of the photos.

Ah, but they're mine and I'm just glad to have some photos of the Concorde at all!

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Photo taken @ W on 22 July 2019 (© Can Pac Swire / Flickr)

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