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Dorset Road Dumping

Dorset Road Dumping

Dorset Road N15 near the corner with West Green Road.

Same pile from both sides. Included a fridge freezer, neon tubes, a wooden chair, and a supermarket trolley with a plastic bucket and other rubbish.

Haringey Council and Veolia its waste contractors will collect fridge freezers and chairs without change. (It takes a phonecall.) The recyclable cans and plastic are collected from households weekly without charge.

Haringey's Three Main Waste Systems

You move home. Perhaps to a new neighbourhood. Or different part of the UK. Or maybe you relocate to another country.

What do you do with your waste? What are the local systems for getting rid of it? Starting, maybe, with the boxes you used to move. And then, perhaps, there's stuff left behind by the former occupants. Maybe an old TV or a broken fridge? A disgusting stained mattress. And more old rubbish in the garden - if you're lucky enough to have a garden.

Haringey. The Primary System - Waste collected from Homes

Haringey Council and Veolia have comprehensive and mostly free systems for collecting waste from homes. In most cases this is the main method of waste collection from the borough's residents. It includes recycling as much as possible of that waste.

So people moving to Haringey need to know how often their waste is collected and when? What needs sorting for recycling? What stuff is collected for free? And if - rarely - there's a charge, how much? There are collections for food and garden waste.

The Second System: "Bring" sites

There's another general option. Residents can take waste for recycling, or just for disposal. There are official "town dumps" or Recycling Centres. There are also litter and recycling bins around.

The unofficial Third System

Despite this fairly comprehensive set of facilities and services, in parts of Haringey there is routine dumping of waste in the streets. Or on patches of ground; Or down alleyways.

I have a set of photos - Flickr calls it an album - called
The Third System. This illustrates my suggestion that - in large parts of Haringey - the Council and Veolia have failed to effectively engage and get co-operation from significant numbers of residents; as well as some traders, landlords, managing agents and builders.

And so dumping on the street has become an unofficial, careless "Third System" of waste disposal.

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§ 28 September 2014. My Sunny Sunday Stroll continued.

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Photo taken @ London on 28 September 2014 (© Alan Stanton / Flickr)

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