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Raquel Melo

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Olive oil body print on paper 2012

Part of an Album / Slide Show showing different treatments of views of an oil on paper bodyprint. The olive oil makes the paper more translucent - so the oil appears lighter when backlit, and darker when viewed from the direction of the illumination. Where there was a lot of oil, the oil has spread making parts of the image less well defined.

Hereafter is an olive oil body print that is made more visible with light. And as it changes so does the print and is never totally the same because light is in constant change.

Hereafter rises in the morning and sets down in the night. It is changed by any subtle light alteration, and it is at its prime from morning until 4pm.


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Photo taken on 6 July 2012 (© Dominic's pics / Flickr)

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