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Ikarus 60 _DSC0028 Billhead of Hobbs Hardware Company People dancing at the announcement of the global launch of Poverty in Rising Africa in Accra, Ghana Fanuc Robot Arcmate Image from page 276 of Flickr-ML-1429_1024x680 Faro Ford River Rouge Complex, Dearborn, MI LEGO 00 Gundam GN-0000 Ford River Rouge Complex, Dearborn, MI 2017-10-08-Liège-29---2017-10-08-Liège-30 Ford River Rouge Complex, Dearborn, MI Lonaconing Windows Factory G suits 20160423_d500_froknowsphoto_hi_iso_086 20160423_d500_froknowsphoto_hi_iso_075 20160423_d500_froknowsphoto_hi_iso_073 20100806_IMG_2831 Recovering the past _MG_0422 ABM Demolition 15th January 2015 Sand Island Park (Bethlehem, PA) Taking a break Vanity Park at your own risk Ex Fornace Ala sud Storage Abandoned Cable Manufacturing Plant (3) Image taken from page 543 of 'The Illustrated Guide to Sheffield and the surrounding district, etc'
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 abandoned, industrial, decay, urban, industry, building, old, rust, window, urbex
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