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rebecca kelley - blogging, copywriting, and seo - sempdx searchfest 2009 - _MG_9171 a brief timeout for unnecessary roughness - _MG_2316 ummm.... helga depois Carie says buh? The Three Faces of Mr. Mau (3) Everyone loves a gummy smile Sleepy Profile ridiculous cuteness Squint rachel, warming up inside after her walk in the snow - _MG_3526 -22 -18 -14 Dez, boggling at his Brawndo face of a boy who has just learned it is time for bed... - _MG_2919 nick likes the hot chocolate more than the photography - _MG_2851 nick, having the birthday dinner of his dreams - _MG_2236 Pedantic Dubitative Satisfied Disgusted Sidelong day 279, barely awake oddly overexposed and making strange faces nobody takes me seriously I'm going to miss Carie too day 240, checking for hitchhikers day 239, backwards glances a vegan-friendly treat from the Dairy Queen
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