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Brick wall with a layer of white paint Horned Satyr Face Gargoyle 4175 Tower and Facade of St Aloysius Entrance--Shadow Lawn 2 Cathedral of Notre Dame at Rouen, Normandy Seamen's Bank for Savings Building St Peter's Benediction Loggia sky and architecture, Los Angeles Tang Plaza Backlit Facade 228/365: Façade Along Abbey Street, Howth (III) kalkbreitestrasse-08 Alj. Cruz San Pedro y la Luna A Castle at the Capitol Bath Abbey, City of Bath, England Sofia from Below Goodwin Building Penrose Way Stehcafe Towers x3 Nice The Church of St. Simeon Stylites (XIV) Aesop Aoyama Fonda San Miguel chai bar, dras Dark square 2/7 [Paris] Hotel de Crillon
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 architecture, building, windows, window, glass, city, blue, urban, sky, reflection
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