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A favorite T-Shirt Water  and reed 9 little tomatoes ... Washing Machine Details 20190205_Chinese New Year Singer Still Life White bandage on black background A bottle of champagne with glasses and sweets on a red silk fabric Romantic background with champagne and chocolates A piece of burlap fabric and a ball of thread Set of needles of different sizes with black and white threads An open safety pin and a lot of closed Safety pins, which pinned to the fabric Who Do I Want to Be Today? (28/365) Folded Star-Cloth Terrycloth two-tone -[ HMM ]- Space-Time Continuum blend macro cloth Vintage cloth Embroidered silk fabric stripes Shall I or shall I not? Waffle cake with condensed milk Native Patterns 6Q3A8040 20190109_123027 Fabric Samples A tangle of thick burlap thread South Korean Flag
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