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7666e cooling off in the creek 7188ex Little Penguin 6377e showy Snowy  **Explore** 5921e  Blue-winged Teal 5312ex2  back for another snack  **Explore** 0617ex Crowned Plover 5010e  Woodpecker 5037e Red-bellied Woodpecker 4083e pensive jay 4203ex2 snow crumbs on beak 4066ex2 balancing act 0066ex Lilac-breasted Roller 2125ex  admiration 8380ex  White-tailed Ptarmigan 0291e2 hummingbird close-up  **Explore** 1308e2  Contemplation 0080e2 Vervet close-up 8794ex2 Cape Buffalo portrait 9106e Weaver 9002e2 do you wanna know a secret? 6600e2 snuggled under the lotus blooms 6434ex  nibbling 3247e2 lizard close-up 5109e2 Red Panda 0990ex2 beautiful blues 3914ex There be dragons!  (Komodo) 2785e  cardinal in the snow 3233ex2 deep in thought 3390ex  regal queen 3322e2 mugging meerkat
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